Community Rooms



Just as the Teams are learning a new building with new room names and locations at Graymoor, the Community will also need to do this. All functions at Graymoor are being held in a building called the Spiritual Life Center. The community will enter this facility through the Visitor's Entrance located on the 1st floor of the building. The following is a list of rooms that members of the community may have occasion to visit during a Tres Dias Weekend. All floors of the Spiritual Life Center are handicap accessible via elevators, and the community is free to use the elevators at Graymoor.

Driving Directions to Graymoor and a collection of maps to help you find your way to and inside the Spiritual Life Center, as well as a photo of the Visitor's Entrance to the Spiritual Life Center can be found here.


The Opening Thursday evening will be held in the Cardinal Spellman Library located on the 5th floor of the Spiritual Life Center. This will also be the Rollo Room for the weekend.


There will be a table in the lobby of the Spiritual Life Center that says Tres Dias and has the Palanca box on it, as well as writing paper and pens. People who are dropping off letters can put them in the box and the auxiliaries will check from time to time to get the palanca. Palanca, other than letters (i.e., food, gifts, banners, etc.) should continue to go to the Retreat Lounge Kitchenette located on the 4th floor of the Spiritual Life Center. This will also be the location of the kitchen for the weekend.


Singers will gather for the Mananita in the Retreat Lounge located on the 4th floor of the Spiritual Life Center.


The Closing will be held in the Seminar Room located on the 3rd floor of the Spiritual Life Center.

At the Opening, the Mananita, and the Closing there will be Community Volunteers helping the team to direct people to the proper rooms. Members of the Community are invited to sign up on the new Palanca Signup Sheets to be Community Volunteers. Training will be provided to Community Volunteers prior to the weekend. The community will be guided by a member of the team or a Community Volunteer to any other rooms they may have occasion to use, such as the Sponsor Chapel, the Mananita Chapel, and the Bedroom Floors (when bringing a candidate).

At other times, such as when bringing palanca, there will be a receptionist in the lobby of the Visitor's Entrance who can direct you to the Community Palanca Room.