Palanca Signups


Palanca signup info for
Women's #81

To sign up for any slot, please contact
Mavis English at,
or Doug Jenkins at,
then check back here. This page was last updated November 21.

Note: I sorted this list alphabetically to more easily find the items.
Please let me know what you think.

Palanca Who
Agape chairperson(s) Hank Schrot
Agape helpers (4 people) 1. Jeff English
2. Hank Schrot
3. Glen Bucher
Agape candles Marilyn and Glen Bucher
Agape glasses - 40 clear plastic 8 oz. glasses Not needed
Agape juice Not needed
Agape bread Jeff English
Aprons Sandy Gardinier
Mavis English
Bedroom door signs Sandy Gardinier
Bottled water
(Include some small bottles for the bedrooms)
1. Jeff English (3 cases)
2. Meredith Ross
3. The Kruegers
4. Hank Schrot
5. Les Hazelton
6. Ellen Buccellato
Break food (veggies, cheese, dips, fruits) 1. Pat Perruccio
2. Annamarie James
3. Rosemarie James
4. The Spanos
5. Barbara Conklin
6. Laurie Brown
7. Chris Gerkhardt
8. Lainie Wallace
Christ candle  
Closing activities chairperson Hank Schrot
Closing activities helpers 1.
DeColores cake Debbie Jenkins
Financial donation for photos  
Financial donations for mission crosses, pilgrim's guides, pocket Bibles 1. Les Hazelton
2. Patricia Rooms
3. Madeline Metz
4. Louise Mueller
Hand sanitizer pump bottles (5) NA
Liturgy grape juice (2-3 juice pack boxes) Not needed
Liturgy pita bread (2 packages) The Kruegers
Mananita chairperson Hank Schrot
Mananita bouquet Debbie Jenkins
Mananita donuts/muffins Meredith Ross
Mananita helpers - arrive 7am to direct community to Community Palanca Room & handle latecomers (Men for Men’s Weekend, Women for Women’s Weekend) 1.
Name and address lists Doug Jenkins
Name tags Sandy Gardinier
Notebooks/markers/pens Not needed
Opening - arrive 630 to direct community and Candidates to bedrooms and Rollo Room 1. The Kruegers
2. Cliff Cullum
3. Susan Pike
4. Debbie Vesuvio
Palanca runners - Friday morning 1. Sandy Gardinier
Palanca runners - Friday afternoon 1. Bill Wallis
Palanca runners - Friday evening 1.
Palanca runners - Saturday morning 1. Barbara Brown
Palanca runners - Saturday afternoon 1. Clive Robinson
Palanca runners - Saturday evening 1. Phillip Braham
2. John Spina
Photographer Debbie Jenkins
Placemats (210) Not needed
Rollo candle Debbie Vesuvio
Soda and juice - regular & diet 1. Meredith Ross
2. Jean Spadaccia
3. The Spanos
4. Laurie Brown
5. Greg Seeley
Table snacks 1. Pat Perruccio
2. The Kruegers
3. Hank Schrot
4. Les Hazelton
5. Colette Carpenter
6. Barbara Conklin
7. Dianne Benincasa
WOTC candles Not needed